What's On

Here are some happenings to inspire us, to connect with believers and to honour our great and glorious King Jesus. Events to go to or simply be involved at home.

The Asylum Seekers Centre - Sunday 4th June

Our guest speaker and preacher and speaker at all services will be David Spitteler, facilitator of the Asylum Seekers Centre, a Melbourne-based Christian support ministry for on-shore applicants for refugee status.

Canberra Men's Christian Convention - 5 August 2017

SEX AND GARDENING - Talks from Genesis.
Creation. Humanity. Sex. Gender. Marriage. Work. Rest. Meaning.
Our keynote speaker, Rory Shiner will be giving talks on Genesis 1 - 3.

Canberra Women's Christian Convention - 21 October 2017

PRAYER - Talking to our Father.
Prayer can be daunting. Am I even doing it right? How do I know if it’s working? How can the Lord’s Prayer help us?
Our keynote speaker, Susan Ravenhall will be giving talks on The Lord's Prayer.