Celebrating the Birth of Your Child

In the Cooma Anglican Parish

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Has a new child been added to your family recently? What wonderful news! ( ... and yet a little scary at the same time). It's both an awesome privilege and a great responsibility that God has given you.

Can we help you mark this very special event?

One of our ministers would be glad to meet with you to work out the best way for you to celebrate. We want to help you celebrate the gift of your precious little one in a way that's truly right and meaningful for you.

Getting Started

Read this page carefully and discuss it. Try to be as realistic, fair and honest as you can.

Then complete the online form, phone 6452 1544 or email us when you're ready to ask questions or plan your celebration.

Thanksgiving or Baptism?

What kind of ceremony will be right and best?

Nowadays, we provide two alternative ways for publicly marking a child's birth in God's name.

What's Similar?

Both services are a type of 'christening', in the sense that they both involve formally naming the child in the presence of God.

In each case, the ceremony will be recorded in the registers of the church, with the names and contact details of the parents and child. So a relationship is established and remembered.

What's Different?

A Thanksgiving service enables parents to thank God for the birth of their child, with no obligation either on them or the church members.

Baptism, on the other hand, is a sign of membership in God's church, expressed locally:

Looking to the Future...

There's no fork in the road. That is, choosing either of the two ceremonies now doesn't in any way preclude taking up the other later on.

Some families have chosen a Thanksgiving service as more appropriate initially, but have then taken the opportunity to explore the spiritual commitment involved in Baptism.  Later they have had their child baptised.

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Take Action

Still interested?

One of our ministers will meet with you, so that you can explore options, ask any questions and decide on the ceremony together. For a baptism, the minister will also arrange for preparation.

The application form below gives us some basics about who you are, and where and when you want the ceremony. After we receive your form, we will get in touch to arrange an appointment.

Apply online

To apply offline: print off the form at the end of the PDF booklet, 'Celebrating the Gift of Your Child', complete it and post to:

The Administrator
Anglican Parish of Cooma
PO Box 43
Cooma NSW 2630

or scan and email us.

Apply offline

Not ready yet to fill out a form? Simply email us; or phone 6452 1544 for an appointment.