Jesus is the Good News

Life, and your life, can have lasting and ultimate meaning, through learning who Jesus Christ is, why he came and what's involved in following him.

Being a Christian isn't about doing good stuff and going to church on Sundays - though that is often part of it.

It's really about knowing the ultimate Source of life - knowing him as our best mate, our absolute King and the never-fail rescuer we are constantly in need of.

It's about Jesus with us all the time, whether life is happy or sad.

It's about living a new kind of life altogether, with God's spirit as our power and our inspiration.

It's all about Him.

Interested? Come along to a church service, call one of the contact numbers on this website or email us.

Or to kick off right now, check out One Life. What's it all about? The CE (Christianity Explored) Course is just one way we provide here to explore that question...

To Know Christ and Make Him Known